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Epona Devotional call for submissions

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Epona Devotional call for submissions

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Gleann, Grainne
So, despite my intentions (and intentions not followed through upon are pointless, I think horse teach us this very well) I've been neglecting this group for a long time, along with the email list and pretty much all of LJ except for rare personal updates and simple links in another group. I have been sooo sucked into the easy, short blurbing of FaceBook *handsheadinshame*

I figured I should post this that I found, however, for those who might be in a writing mood. Honestly, for me this is a bad writing time of year (although it has already been hot and humid longer than we usually get for the whole summer up here..and we usually don't get it for over a month from now) and I have a project I'm trying to finish. I also have about a million different ideas that I can think of but not one of them catches me more than the others. So I have no idea what I'd write at this point. Which is frustrating because the whole Horse Goddess warrior link is sort of a biggie for me. While this is named for Epona, they state an interest in other Horse Goddesses. I don't know if they'd be interested in Gods associated with horses or not. It appears they are considering a second horse related anthology focused more on healing, but it seems it might depend on what mix they get for submissions.

Deadline is Sept 1, 2012

The following is from their website at http://jupitergardens.com/submission-guidelines.html and I have seen from another group they allow reposting of this info:

Ride, Warrior, Ride: An Epona Devotional

To be published November 15, 2012 in both ebook and paperback formats
DEADLINE: September 1, 2012
Length: Up to 10,000 words
Payment: An initial payment of $10 and a split of royalties paid at our regular royalty rate. Contributors receive one free electronic copy and are also welcome to purchase copies at wholesale pricing.

As one of the few Celtic goddesses also worshiped by the Romans, Epona is more than a goddess of horses and of sovereignty. She’s the divine manifestation of every horse loving little girl who grew up to be a strong, proud woman who still prefers to do “horse chores” rather than house chores. We’re looking for essays detailing work with Epona, the way equine energy manifests magickal workings, how horses help us tap our inner warrior energy, how horses give us strength to heal, and information on other lesser known horse goddesses.

Submit your essay in .doc/.docx/.rtf format to submissions(a)jupitergardens.com. Please specify that the essay is for our Epona devotional.

Note: Works above 10,000 words are welcome, but may be considered separately for our The Jupiter Papers program.

We are also considering an additional anthology detailing the role horses play in our healing, so if your essay doesn’t specifically fit the Epona or warrior theme of this one, but does discuss how horses helped you heal from mental or physical illness, or how horses help you deal with chronic illness, please send your essay for consideration.
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