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Lùnasdal coming up!

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Lùnasdal coming up!

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Gleann, Grainne
So, I've not actually been better about posting to these groups here. I have half a mind to start up a FaceBook version of Sacred Horse but...then I'd have three to deal with AND while it does seem to be my social network focus these days (due to people, including family, who are only on FB and nowhere else), I am really frustrated by how limited interaction is there now. So unless there is a big cry for it, I don't really plan to.

So, Lùnasdal which most who celebrate probably prefer the Irish Lughnasadh but I always got to be the cranky Scot, is coming up. A day many of us who do celebrate like to include some horse related activities. I have seen a lot of posts coming from the CR or related ranks about attending horse races as part of their celebrations. You probably all have some idea of what I think on that. So as I have a blog which is now totally focused on advocating for horses from a Pagan perspective (we had at first downplayed the Pagan part) I figured I'd post about it there. http://shewhofreeshorses.blogspot.com/

I do intend to post a more personal and general holiday bit on another blog, which might include more about our actual activities with our horses. As Saorsa's still just backed and I'm not really riding her yet, at least not in a way that makes me want to while distracted with other things, we'll probably not ride this year. However, I want to make a bit of a race part of our celebrations next year. In fact, I hope that next Bealtuinn we take the mares up to "the sheiling" for that holiday, even if we don't pasture them there as we had intended (we seem to have IR issues with both mares, so graze management is something we're having to figure out...and I want them nearby with those muzzles).

I know this has come up before, but I think it's a topic that can always be revisited: how do you incorporate (not USE!) your actual horses in your seasonal celebrations? And how do you bring the Horse Deities in with or without the presence of horses? And related ideas for celebrations...
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