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Sacred Horse

Honoring the Horse God/desses and the horses in our lives

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December 18th, 2012

Felix Eponalia!

October 16th, 2012

If you ever looked into the eyes of a horse and found a facet of your soul, please help Northstar. Northstar has all the beautiful strength of the legendary Pegasus and though he cannot fly, he has given my heart wings and thus I must spread his story. He has all the gentleness of spirit and great loving heart of the magnificent Unicorn. Though he has no spiral horn, there is a magic in his warm eyes all the same.

My friends, my family, I beseech you to pray. send healing energies and, if you can, send assistance to Northstar, who has been grievously hurt by the wicked and truly evil. You can write Northstar letters on his website; encourage him. This beautiful horse deserves all our love and support.

August 14th, 2012

Yeah, hey, 3 is a good number anyway, right? And I need something else to chase
after. LOL So there is now a FaceBook Group for those who want it.

This is IT! I swear! ~;)

July 16th, 2012

So, I've not actually been better about posting to these groups here. I have half a mind to start up a FaceBook version of Sacred Horse but...then I'd have three to deal with AND while it does seem to be my social network focus these days (due to people, including family, who are only on FB and nowhere else), I am really frustrated by how limited interaction is there now. So unless there is a big cry for it, I don't really plan to.

So, Lùnasdal which most who celebrate probably prefer the Irish Lughnasadh but I always got to be the cranky Scot, is coming up. A day many of us who do celebrate like to include some horse related activities. I have seen a lot of posts coming from the CR or related ranks about attending horse races as part of their celebrations. You probably all have some idea of what I think on that. So as I have a blog which is now totally focused on advocating for horses from a Pagan perspective (we had at first downplayed the Pagan part) I figured I'd post about it there. http://shewhofreeshorses.blogspot.com/

I do intend to post a more personal and general holiday bit on another blog, which might include more about our actual activities with our horses. As Saorsa's still just backed and I'm not really riding her yet, at least not in a way that makes me want to while distracted with other things, we'll probably not ride this year. However, I want to make a bit of a race part of our celebrations next year. In fact, I hope that next Bealtuinn we take the mares up to "the sheiling" for that holiday, even if we don't pasture them there as we had intended (we seem to have IR issues with both mares, so graze management is something we're having to figure out...and I want them nearby with those muzzles).

I know this has come up before, but I think it's a topic that can always be revisited: how do you incorporate (not USE!) your actual horses in your seasonal celebrations? And how do you bring the Horse Deities in with or without the presence of horses? And related ideas for celebrations...

June 20th, 2012

So, despite my intentions (and intentions not followed through upon are pointless, I think horse teach us this very well) I've been neglecting this group for a long time, along with the email list and pretty much all of LJ except for rare personal updates and simple links in another group. I have been sooo sucked into the easy, short blurbing of FaceBook *handsheadinshame*

I figured I should post this that I found, however, for those who might be in a writing mood. Honestly, for me this is a bad writing time of year (although it has already been hot and humid longer than we usually get for the whole summer up here..and we usually don't get it for over a month from now) and I have a project I'm trying to finish. I also have about a million different ideas that I can think of but not one of them catches me more than the others. So I have no idea what I'd write at this point. Which is frustrating because the whole Horse Goddess warrior link is sort of a biggie for me. While this is named for Epona, they state an interest in other Horse Goddesses. I don't know if they'd be interested in Gods associated with horses or not. It appears they are considering a second horse related anthology focused more on healing, but it seems it might depend on what mix they get for submissions.

Deadline is Sept 1, 2012

The following is from their website at http://jupitergardens.com/submission-guidelines.html and I have seen from another group they allow reposting of this info:

Ride, Warrior, Ride: An Epona Devotional

To be published November 15, 2012 in both ebook and paperback formats
DEADLINE: September 1, 2012
Length: Up to 10,000 words
Payment: An initial payment of $10 and a split of royalties paid at our regular royalty rate. Contributors receive one free electronic copy and are also welcome to purchase copies at wholesale pricing.

As one of the few Celtic goddesses also worshiped by the Romans, Epona is more than a goddess of horses and of sovereignty. She’s the divine manifestation of every horse loving little girl who grew up to be a strong, proud woman who still prefers to do “horse chores” rather than house chores. We’re looking for essays detailing work with Epona, the way equine energy manifests magickal workings, how horses help us tap our inner warrior energy, how horses give us strength to heal, and information on other lesser known horse goddesses.

Submit your essay in .doc/.docx/.rtf format to submissions(a)jupitergardens.com. Please specify that the essay is for our Epona devotional.

Note: Works above 10,000 words are welcome, but may be considered separately for our The Jupiter Papers program.

We are also considering an additional anthology detailing the role horses play in our healing, so if your essay doesn’t specifically fit the Epona or warrior theme of this one, but does discuss how horses helped you heal from mental or physical illness, or how horses help you deal with chronic illness, please send your essay for consideration.

June 14th, 2011

I've been bad about posting here regarding horse issues. I was posting in so many places then a friend started a blog Our Stories Are Written in the Language of Equus and it seemed a concise place for us to address things. But even with three of us on it, we've sort of not been. And things have been busy. I won't rehash. I find it all overwhelming. I think most of you know this is a very emotional and personal issue for me, having lost horses to slaughter (owned by someone else but I was trying to buy). My last horse Saoradh had, I know now, been heading there but they really don't tend to take elderly horses, they want the young and healthy, and he was freeze marked. Saorsa WAS heading there, if she hadn't been won in auction by the rescue....thousands of others from that one auction went still. I live near the Canadian border, in constant fear of horse theft which is profitable where slaughter is an option.

A few years ago legislation banned USDA inspectors from being funded to inspect horse slaughter plants and the two states, Texas and Illinois which had horse slaughter plants voted to ban them. There is no horse slaughter being done legally in the US. US horses are, however, being transported to Canada and Mexico.

There are two things on the table right NOW. One apparently being voted on on Wednesday June 15 in the House. This one is Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) attempt to remove the language barring funding for federal inspection of horse slaugther. There are other Representtives standing against this, such as Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) as you can see in US should get out of the horse meat business. Please let YOUR Representative know TODAY that you do not want horse slaughter back in the US!

The other is more positive Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have just introduced S. 1176, the "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011" which should put an end to this once and for all! We so need this! Please ask your Senator to co-sponsor and to vote for this when it comes through. When you talk to your Rep. about Lummis's attempt, please mention that when this comes to the House you want them to support it!

If you don't have them on speed dial already or you want to see how they are voting on similar things, don't forget the Compassion Index.

As you can see if you go to the horse blog at the top of this, NH itself has a bill just be signedin that includes horses as food animals! This horrifyingly slipped pass all activists here...it slipped past the SPONSORS of the bill. That language will be removed next year, but this shows how nasty and underhanded the horse killers are AND that we need a bill banning this once and for all! Please help to make this STOP!

March 24th, 2009

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Beth in Illinois Fighting to End Horse Slaughter
Date: Mar 23, 2009 5:53 PM


Montana Considers Horse Slaughter Plant


The Montana State Senate has passed HB 418 that allows for the building of a horse slaughter plants in Montana- these would be the only horse slaughter plants in the United States. This bill is on Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's desk and we need to put the pressure on him NOW not to sign this bill.

Please take a moment to e-mail and call the Governor and please pass this on to all your friends, especially anyone from Montana. The Governor needs to hear the facts.

Here are some talking points to use in your comments on HB 418:
-Horse slaughter is inhumane and the majority of horses going to slaughter are young and healthy.

-American's do not raise horses for meat nor do the vast majority of Americans support horse slaughter.

-This is fiscally irresponsible: a horse slaughter plant would be owned by a European company and would not benefit Montana taxpayers.

-Montana's reputation would be marred and tourism industry damaged; "Big Bloody Sky Country" as one slaughter opponent suggested.

-The presence of horse slaughter plants has been directly tied to increased levels of horse abuse and theft.

-Paula Bacon, the Mayor of Kaufman, Texas (home of a now defunct foreign-owned horse slaughter plant) has testified that they were consistently locked in fruitless legal battles with the deep-pocketed Belgium company. She said that there was literally horse blood running down the streets and even backing up in peoples' bathtubs. The same environmental abuses could occur in Montana.

-A Montana slaughter house is far too close for comfort to Cloud's herd. We must not allow this to proceed any further. In the hearings several Montana State Senator's mentioned the 30,000+ wild horses in holding in relation to the building of a horse slaughter facility.


Governor Brian D.
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.

Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

March 20th, 2009

From: Beth in Illinois Fighting to End Horse Slaughter There are more bulletins from this poster, if you are concerned, please consider checking out her MySpace, she does a better job of keeping up on this than I am.



State bills popping up on horse slaughter, unwanted-horse issue

Printer-friendly version

While Congress considers a bill aiming to stem the practice of transporting horses to Mexico or Canada for slaughter, a growing number of state legislatures have introduced counterlegislation. Specifically, these address horse processing facilities, the consumption of horse meat, and the problem of unwanted horses.

HR 503, the Conyers-Burton Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Jan. 14 (see JAVMA, March 1, 2009, page 585). The bill proposes to criminalize the purchase, sale, delivery, or export of horse meat intended for human consumption. Violators would face fines and/or one year's imprisonment for a first offense or an offense involving five or fewer horses, and fines and/or three years' imprisonment for repeated offenses and offenses involving more than five horses.

Meanwhile, uniform resolutions and bills have been introduced in Arizona (SCM 1001), Kansas (HCR 5004), Missouri (HCR 19), Minnesota (SB 133), Utah (HJR 7), and Wyoming (HJR 8) that urge Congress to oppose federal legislation that interferes with a state's ability to direct the transport or processing of horses. As of Feb. 17, the Utah resolution had passed through the state House and Senate, and had been sent to the lieutenant governor for enrollment. In Kansas, the state's House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee sent the bill to the full House for a vote.

Similarly, Arkansas and Missouri have created resolutions (HCR 1004 and SCR 8) that urge Congress to support the continuation of horse processing facilities in the United States. South Dakota introduced a related resolution (SCR 2), which urges Congress and the Department of Agriculture to reinstate and fund a federal inspection program governing horse slaughter and euthanasia facilities. Also, North Dakota put forth legislation (HB 1496), which passed the state House Feb. 18 by a vote of 89-5, directing the state's Department of Commerce to conduct an equine processing facility feasibility study.

New York and Illinois recently introduced legislation relating to the consumption of horse meat. New York's bill (A 3736) prohibits any person from slaughtering a horse if he or she knows or has reason to know that the horse will be used for human consumption. Contrary to New York's position, Illinois' bill (HB 583) would repeal the state's ban on the slaughter of horses for human consumption. On Feb. 24, the state's House Agriculture and Conservation Committee voted 11-2 for the bill, which moves to the full House for a vote.

Oregon and Montana Senate bills attempt to combat the unwanted-horse problem. Oregon's bill (SB 398) modifies the existing crime of animal abandonment, a class B misdemeanor, to include the abandonment of horses. Montana's bill (SB 167) creates the offense of abandonment or starvation of horses.

Another bill in Montana (HB 418) would encourage private investors to develop horse slaughter plants in the state by prohibiting state courts from granting injunctions designed to stop or delay construction of horse slaughter or processing facilities on the basis of permit or licensing challenges or on environmental grounds. On Feb. 20, the state's House Agriculture Committee approved the bill by a vote of 15-5.

Two bills introduced in Kentucky to address unwanted horses passed the state's House Agriculture and Small Business Committee. One bill (HR 418) gives local governments more authority to collect stray or neglected horses and place them with a caretaker, who could then sell the animals under certain circumstances. The committee also approved legislation (HB 331) to allow people boarding horses or other animals to sell them if the owner is at least 45 days behind in paying bills.

Finally, a bill put forth in Arizona (HB 2178) would direct the state's Department of Agriculture to create and maintain a registry and public list of equine rescue facilities.

Visit http://www.avma.org and click on "State" under Advocacy and then "State legislative updates" for the latest information on state legislation related to unwanted horses and horse slaughter.
Horseman Ray Hunt died on March 12, a voice for the horses has moved on. May he have a good journey riding in the next life, perhaps with Hondo, the horse that made it happen.

March 8th, 2009

Fundraising via this community is something I am hesitant about, because we all could flood this list with pleas for groups we're involved in, I'm sure. However, when it's an individual trying to help a special horse, sometimes I feel driven to break my own rules. And, seriously, if any member of this group is in a desperate situation trying to help a beloved equine, I'm certainly not going to stop you from asking for help here.

So, one of our LJ group members, who takes his care of three rescued horses to be a sacred act, is looking to get an Anderson Sling to help an old mare whose only serious problem is a bum shoulder that doesn't allow her to rest as she needs. She lies down and needs help getting up. With medication she's not in terrible pain, but there have been many scary incidences with trying to get her back up because she just doesn't have the use of that leg that she needs to right herself again. She is clearly not ready to go yet and my friend wishes to give her as much time as he can to rectify the abuse she's known in the past. She deserves more of this happy time she has finally found.

Please, if you can help even with a little, go to http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-03-04.7007473972 ...at least read Grani's story there. She is a very special mare.

Thank you!
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