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Honoring the Horse God/desses and the horses in our lives

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For Pagan horse people and Pagans who honor equine Deities
Yeah...decided to start this here too, the link above is for the original Yahoo! mailing list.

A place for Pagans, Heathens, Polytheists of all sorts to discuss horses, whether Deity or those that share our lives. If you are a Pagan who has horses in your life or a strong connection to a Horse God/dess, please join us. Riding, training, and rescue are on topics as well as discussion of horse in ancient Pagan cultures and lore as well as ways of worshiping Horse God/desses.

Obviously, anything that is about equines in Pagan spirituality, whether it's a ritual, cultural history, Otherworldy experiences, or a sacred bond are absolutely on topic. After that anything about horses is on topic, even if it doesn't directly connect to Paganism, because everything we do as Pagans is sort of about being Pagan anyway. Non-horse talk about Paganism should probably be kept down a bit though...although other animal talk, if limited, is cool especially rescue.

Many of us are into Natural Horsemanship and "alternative" care, but many may also be more conventional...please remember to be respectful of different views on this. Likewise there may be a wide variety of paths here too.

This is an anti-horse-slaughter, anti-PMU, anti-Nurse-Mare, anti-overbreeding list. If you are for these things you DO NOT belong here. THIS topic is not something for debate on this list. What part of SACRED HORSES are you not getting for even coming here? Anyone coming here to argue for horse slaughter will be banned immediately as a troll. If you are confused about the relationship between the dumping and abuse of horses and the availability of slaughter then please read: Slaughter Not Driven by Unwanted Horses, The Relationship of Abuse to Slaughter (that's a PDF), Trade, not train mentality behind US horse problem and check out the entire Veterinarians for Equine Welfare site and the link on this banner. If you still believe in slaughter after that, just find another place to be.

Say No to Horse Slaughter

Do not post other people's copyrighted material (post links instead). And NO SPAM! Thank you!
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